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The Truth IS: WE ARE NOT ALONE & I have the Ironclad Forensic Evidence to Convincingly Demonstrate It !!!
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*Photo Credit: Antje Arnold

Oxford Pennsylvania filmmaker Gary Arnold describes his trailblazing documentary series…

*Subterranean Séance: ((( The Evidence Speaks )))

is only the first installment of his ongoing and groundbreaking investigation series into the perplexingly strange fringe subject called - the Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP).

Using just a $5 old school Tracfone’s digital recorder, Arnold convincingly demonstrates his mindbogglingly bizarre interactions with disembodied whispers.

These peculiar whispers defy any rational explanation

Out of the “Fog of Ignorance” & Into the “Light of Truth”

Gary Arnold’s 29-minute debut film takes the audience on a thought-provoking quest to try to understand something completely unfathomable and shrouded in mystery. 🔎

Arnold describes — Subterranean Séance — as both an entertaining EVP audio treasure hunt along with an expeditious glimpse of an online scientific analysis of several of his extremely creepy clips.

Subterranean Séance: ((The Evidence Speaks)) IS also a thrilling EVP “Treasure Hunt”

He details how historically these EVP audio recordings have often been viewed by mainstream science as a “hot potato” or “taboo topic” - the purview of ghost hunters and paranormal peddling “reality” TV shows that conjure ratings rather than utilize serious science.

Mainstream scientists often dismiss the Electronic Voice Phenomenon outright in much the same way as they look askance to any serious effort to understand the equally intriguing experience of déjà vu.

These radical concepts are considered too fringe.

EVP recordings have been virtually ignored — thereby effectively marginalizing their significance and relegating any investigations of them to the outermost spheres of pseudo-science and ridicule.

Arnold also postulates how there appears to be a bit of scientific snobbery about researching this type of phenomenon —>

Professional scientists just don’t want to risk tarnishing their reputations by dabbling in something so controversial.

How quickly they forget — the respected seeds of modern chemistry germinated out of the fertile and enchanting soil of alchemy…

Arnold further suggests, “it seems at times overtly political to just ignore and wholesale discount these seemingly misunderstood paranormal phenomena when actually in the true SPIRIT of science, there really should be an open-minded embrace of these fascinating curiosities with a greater sense of wonder to help solve these conundrums.”

Gary Arnold persists in how the Electronic Voice Phenomenon is certainly an enigma worthy of serious scientific study.

Admittedly, it is challenging to ascertain what these messages from the ether represent.

Are they psychic energies, spirits or ghosts? 👁️

Is this evidence of angels, aliens, demons or even an afterlife?

Moving “Fringe” Research into the Mainstream — “The Devil’s in The Details”…

These whispers should not be here interacting with us and yet — upon playback — there they are → defying our current understanding and logic !!!!!

Incredibly — Arnold’s interactions with these disembodied voices occur in real time; he really seems to be conversing with invisible sentient beings or some unknown form of consciousness.

“This phenomenon definitely has some intriguing and alluring secrets to reveal”…🧐

The Electronic Voice Phenomenon IS an Enigma Worthy of Investigation !!!

My short documentary provides the viewer with a tantalizing teaser of what’s to come in future installments.

It is a no-frills blueprint to help enable others to almost effortlessly investigate this amazing paranormal phenomenon without the usual trappings and distractions of cliched` Hollywood sensationalism and its often formulaic — things going bump in the night - nonsense.

What Gary Arnold affectionately calls “The Conduit” — A $5 Old School / NOT Smart Tracfone

With his investigative series, Arnold hopes to elevate the EVP conversation to a more respectable level and add some much needed credibility to the subject by employing the scientific method via establishing specific, knowledge-based protocols for data acquisition and to always be data-driven to extract some rock solid factual insights and conclusions.

Gary Arnold says, “the key to interpreting these weird messages is to amplify the whispered responses to the point where we can actually hear and understand them syllable by syllable & phoneme by phoneme…

🗣️~ The Evidence Speaks ~🔊

… ✨ Dare We Listen ❓

Subterranean Séance: The Evidence Speaks effectively makes his case.

Extraordinary Forensic Evidence of the Ethereal !!!

Today’s open source technology makes this unique investigation readily accessible to everyone who has an interest. One doesn’t need to invest much money in elaborate equipment to facilitate this empirical research.

Impressively, this remarkable short film was created with just a single shoestring budget.

Using FREE online audio analysis tools, Arnold convincingly empowers and enables viewers to completely immerse themselves into this fringe topic and experience the jaw-dropping awe of witnessing firsthand something truly extraordinary and profoundly mind-🤯-blowing !!!

No Doubt About It — This Phenomenon WILL Blow Your Mind !!!
*Photo Credit: Antje Arnold

Arnold jokes - “sometimes, I really feel like that elephant portrayed in Dr. Seuss’ “Horton Hears a Who” children’s story - trying to convince everyone of the reality of a wholly unseen microcosm of life.

We know how this story ends → after persecution by the unbelievers, Horton the elephant is ultimately vindicated !!!

((( !!! LOL !!! )))

My role seems to be to act as a liaison - perhaps, even what some would call a “medium” or better yet — just a messenger → to try to demonstrate how these ethereal entities actually exist to an unbelieving world.

Of course, it is a hallmark of science to be skeptical of any claims — especially those that are as completely outrageous as mine.

I believe that’s completely fair. We should never be gullible and blindly believe anything we read.

To quote the late astronomer Carl Sagan — “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”…

I wholeheartedly embrace a collaborative effort to ascertain the truth and invite everyone —> including those who are considered debunkers → to take a seat at the table of serious discussion.

No one is to be excluded because the truth belongs to everyone !!!

*Photo Credit: Mengwen Cao

Let’s review the data and thoroughly discuss !!!

I don’t endorse functioning in “scientific silos” — this important research and the assessment of the data must be a united team effort and above-all transparent to benefit all stakeholders !!!

We need to identify commonalities and make progress — together !!!

PLEASE - I beg all skeptics -> PROVE me wrong !!!

Because I’d definitely sleep much better at night not believing these ethereal entities are real…

“Midnight IS Where The Day Begins…” -U2

Overthinking this creepy phenomenon often leaves me astonished and creates a deep visceral sensation akin to intellectual & emotional vertigo !!!

It is a frustrating task to convince incredulous people of something so outlandishly fantastical, BUT despite the requisite ridicule — I’m certainly up to the challenge and as the saying goes —>

“I’m Definitely In It To Win It” !!!!!!!!!!!

Never one to be deterred, Arnold jokes how “maybe even my name will someday go down in history like another forward-thinking pioneer ->

Kenneth (Arnold) who in 1947 first described what he saw while flying his plane past Mount Rainier and what the news media later coined as - ‘flying saucers’…🛸

As far as I know — Kenneth’s no relation to me though — LOL !!!

“Old School” Technology to The Rescue !!!

An interesting aside I’m also an avid chess player and actually enjoy solving intricate puzzles. 🧩

These whispered messages are puzzling as to their origin and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to help solve these magical mysteries !!!!!!!

My overall strategy with this groundbreaking film series is to base my every move forward on rock solid scientific principles and to establish measurable benchmarks to fully analyze this extraordinary phenomenon and to help dispel the fog of ignorance.

Everyone who is curious to know the whole truth must stand on this bedrock of scientific method and come to his or her own conclusions based on the incontrovertible data.

I work in academia and unreservedly subscribe to being data-driven. Let’s follow the evidence and scientifically test our theories.

This path forward is the best way we can make undeniable and respectable progress…to have our claims supported by science and nothing less !!!!

“The evidence really does ((( speak ))) for itself”…

Experience Something Way Beyond Phenomenal

“I crafted my documentary to be intellectually honest and completely unpretentious because I really want this awesome information to be in layman’s terms and accessible to everyone.

I’m not going to distract the audience with gratuitous special effects…etc.…

Let’s focus on —

— Just the facts !!!

I prefer substance rather than fluff.

Call me a minimalist at heart —

because “less IS certainly more”…

Gary Arnold’s outrageous conclusions ARE what matter most and remain the central and undeniable focus of the documentary.

Although his delivery at times seems overly-simplistic, this lack of grandstanding is the true genius of his film because Arnold’s cosmic claims are nothing less than paradigm-changing and earth-shattering.

The often-repeated mantra of his documentary distills and embodies the sobering magnitude and enormous gravity of everything unearthed by his investigation –-

!!!!!!! We ARE Definitely NOT Alone !!!!!!!

“Contact HAS been made”…

Yet, the scope and the unsettling ramifications of these five little words are both frightening and exhilarating … & that uneasy queasiness returns.

Arnold agrees it is at times very, very, very difficult to fully comprehend and process this uncomfortable revelation !!!!!!!!!!

This is a remarkable phenomenon of “high strangeness” & what defines “life” as we know it anyway? Are these discarnate beings proof of an afterlife or maybe some residual energy of those who have passed? Do they possess physical bodies like we do?

Perhaps, our definition of “life” needs to be modified … each potential answer invites a constellation of additional questions until one’s thoughts start swimming…

Arnold says, “Admittedly, I’ve spent many sleepless nights thinking about this phenomenon. One can let one’s imagination really get the best of you — >

IF one is not careful.

It is fundamentally quite disturbing to even attempt to contemplate what the whole assembled puzzle looks like when all we have to work with are just a few intriguing pieces and some very rudimentary hypotheses to test.

There are no shortcuts and right now we don’t have a unobstructed summit view to see the complete picture.

It is easy to feel frustrated and get impatient.

At heart I’m an optimist. I believe incremental progress IS still progress nonetheless !!!!!

Now — I’m only able to deal with all the lunacy because I’m actually quite adept at compartmentalization.

Consider me a bit selfish, but it is still my life and I only allow them a small slice of it each day.”

*Photo Credit: Antje Arnold

Arnold again reiterates how we must patiently take baby steps and be quite cautious stepping out of the fog of ignorance until our eyes adjust to this blinding light of truth… Because to impulsively rush headlong into too many assumptions only invites an AVALANCHE of further questions and fosters undue stress !!!

*Photo Credit: Mengwen Cao

IF not properly prepared to accept the necessity of an incremental approach to greater understanding, an impatient and casual researcher may suddenly feel quite overwhelmed by these ethereal revelations…and experience the equivalent of a panic attack.

It really takes some time to acclimate to this new and dawning truth.

IF we accept these disembodied beings exist —

— THEN WHAT ????

What do these ethereal entities want ((what is their agenda)) ??

Are we being manipulated by them on some subliminal level ???

Is this actually an adversarial relationship ????

Do they constitute a global threat ?????

These are unimaginably difficult questions to wrestle with and the answers to them are likely to challenge / ROCK our fundamental beliefs to the core.

Are these entities just part of the natural world? *Photo Credit: Mengwen Cao

Arnold seems at times — HAUNTED— by the sheer magnitude of his discoveries…Gary says, “it can be disconcerting to imagine what these disembodied voices really want…

Succinctly — WHY are they talking to me?

Subterranean Séance: The Evidence Speaks - provides a curated pathway out of the enshrouding fog of ignorance and invites participants to pursue the noble endeavor of attaining the universal goal of ~enlightenment.

It is a metaphysical journey.

Although spiritual in nature — Gary also makes it crystal clear — scientific method is the ONLY way forward to ascertain the truth.

*Photo Credit: Antje Arnold

His documentary spotlights just how these ethereal entities interact with Arnold -

(( in Real-Time )) — and — upon playback of these recordings - these beings are often heard answering his questions — ((((( BEFORE ))))) he even asks them !!!!

How is this even possible !!!! ? !!!!

He says with a bit of forlorn humor, “it is as though our concept of time is completely wrong.

Alas — we are likely wrong about many things.

Our preconceptions often cloud our perceptions. We need to break free of the old paradigm and embrace the new to have a more accurate representation of our place in the universe…”

A Prism Unlocks The UNSEEN Components of White Light… *Photo Credit: Mengwen Cao
Does this “Old School” Device Act as a “Prism” to Reveal An INVISIBLE Reality? * Photo Credit: Mengwen Cao

Better Buckle Up BECAUSE There Are EVEN More Startling & Unnerving Revelations to be Heard —

These ethereal beings ALSO claim to be


!!!!!!!!!!!! NO JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!

O’ YES — You Read that Correctly —

⚡️ They claim to be NOT of this World !!! ⚡️

What Are They ???

On the surface, this story seems like complete lunacy, BUT as Arnold declares, “remarkably — it is the unvarnished truth.

These beings exist… AND that’s more than sobering enough to consider the implications of this improbable revelation !!!!!!!!!!!

Now — Do I believe these ethereal entities are actually extraterrestrials or from another dimension ??????

Are they aliens, ghosts, angels, demons, residual energies, inter-dimensional beings - OR - something else altogether ???????

*Photo Credit: Cameron Logan
Are these whispers what some people call “spirit communications?”

???? Who knows ????

I really have my doubts though because it also seems these mischievous ethereal entities often display a quirky and extremely bizarre sense of humor.

⚡️ 👽 👻 ⚡️

What I’m going to share will seem absolutely ridiculous… completely ludicrous — BUT it also highlights the complexity of these at times amusing interactions with these disembodied whispers.

They’ve chosen an odd symbol too… something to help convey how they are ancient -

It is the unique and ghostly white fern fossil specimens found around St. Clair, Pennsylvania:

*Photo Credit: Mengwen Cao

They also seem to really like to play mind games and are quite often deliberately evasive, sarcastic, and cryptic in their responses…”

*For Example:

IF my question refers to an animal, these beings will respond in a playfully cartoonish and often comical voice to actually sound like that animal… just like a frog, a pig or a rabbit.

It is hilarious to hear them imitate the animal.

It is ALL completely ludicrous — BUT True !!!!!

This also provides yet another fascinating insight into what I believe to be one important facet of their essential nature —>

These ethereal entities have an intrinsic if at times perverse appreciation of humor !!!!!!!

Arnold says, “In my experience — they can also seem to be what I’d consider the equivalent of cosmic comedians or inter-dimensional tricksters.

Perhaps, this quintessential appreciation of humor can even act as a “common denominator” so our species can use this insight to bridge the chasm between us and them…

Photo Credit: Antje Arnold

Again —

All I’m bringing to the table is that They Exist & that’s more than enough of an outlandish claim for me to posit for humanity to seriously ponder…

I wish to SHARE this uncomfortable reality with all the world because we need to stand on the solid BEDROCK of truth and not mere wishful thinking.

Photo Credit: Mengwen Cao

Let me be crystal clear here —

These Ethereal Entities Are NOT those often idealized and romanticized Hollywood notions of our Celestial Brothers and Sisters coming to help save us from ourselves…

Far, FAR from it !!!!!!!!!

What Do They Really Want ???

Now, the interpretation of their messages and exactly what their real intentions are —

Well, that remains a complete mystery and IS really way beyond the scope of what I hope to accomplish with my short and provocative film series.

Spectrogram of “ALIEN” Clip

Arnold describes how his timestamped, UN-manipulated, ironclad recorded evidence WILL withstand any level of scientific scrutiny.

I believe in full disclosure & unreservedly submit my incredibly outrageous and mindbogglingly extraordinary data to unfettered peer review.

Let the audience, let the researchers, let the whole of humanity evaluate the merits of these fantastical revelations…

Another Spectrogram of an EVP

Gary Arnold relates how audio forensic professionals have already analyzed several of his fantastical recordings and determined their authenticity.

The phenomenon is unequivocally genuine !!!!!

Just as a photograph can be comprehensively analyzed pixel by pixel to determine whether it has been tampered with or was photo-shopped — similarly, audio recordings can be graphically and minutely analyzed waveform by waveform almost like a fingerprint to verify whether they are legit.

Mine have passed every painstakingly detailed test using 🩸bleeding-edge🩸 AI computer software to comprehensively analyze them & demonstrate how these interactions ARE -

⚡️ the “ReaL DeaL”⚡️

** Below Are Some Visualizations of My Fantastical Interactions With These “Otherworldly” Beings **

Circled Above Is The EVP portion of the Clip
The Entity Answers My Questions BEFORE I Even Ask Them !!!
Here Is Just the Answer Portion of The Above Interaction
Again — The Answer Comes BEFORE My Question!
The Answer Portion Visualized
I Inquire Where Are They & The Answer Comes BEFORE I Even Ask My Question!
“They Don’t Do That” … The Answer Is Heard BEFORE My Question !!!
Mischievous, Yet Magical… Can a Shared Appreciation of Humor Help Bridge the Chasm?

I’ve been recording these incredible interactions 6+ years and I’m eager to SHARE what I’ve gleaned about their realm with all the world…

So, IF one wishes to participate in helping unravel the mind-boggling and mind-blowing mystery of the Electronic Voice Phenomenon, a great place to start is by watching his pioneering film.

*Evaluate this mountain of undeniable & incontrovertible FREE forensic evidence…

Whatever “the spirits move you to give” to help advance this research IS greatly appreciated !!!!!!

No matter how impossible and disturbing these revelations may seem -

We must stand on a bedrock of truth !!!

Taking the Evidence to the People !!!

Incredibly, this tiny unorthodox film tackles some HUGE philosophical concepts with rather far-reaching implications for humanity.

It unpretentiously establishes an epic benchmark about something undeniably extraordinary and will leave any curious and open-minded audience utterly dumbfounded and ⚡⚡ thunderstruck ⚡⚡ by its profound revelations !!!!!

Subterranean Séance: (( The Evidence Speaks ))

? ?? ?? ? ?? ? DARE WE LISTEN ? ?? ?? ? ??

Subterranean Séance IS an Epic, Mind-boggling & Paradigm-changing Film

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Photo Credit: Antje Arnold
Photo Credit: Antje Arnold
Photo Credit: Antje Arnold
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